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About Navosha

Who We Are:
We are a core software development group. We currently have five members who have all worked together as a tightly cohesive team. We have an average of eight years experience in electrical engineering, embedded software development, tools development, applications development, GUI development, system administration, lab hardware/software bring-up, software methodology, software test development and related fields.

We currently offer a few products to aid embedded software development. Our feature toolset includes a task profiler and an advanced memory viewer. To ease porting of embedded code between operating systems, we also offer an OS API that provides efficient wrappers for typical embedded OS functionality.

We do work on a contractual basis. You can hire us as individuals, or you can hire a subset of the whole team, or you can hire the whole team -- depending on what holes in your organization you need to fill. Since we work as a team, we can determine which of us have the proper skills for your need, and apply those individuals to you. We can contract out individual tasks (e.g. writing a GUI for an application) or broad projects (e.g. writing a software product from beginning to end). We take on contracts ranging from a month to a year.


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