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Navosha has a diverse background of embedded experience on a number of different operating systems. In addition to consulting, we are creating tools that we find helpful to our work. From our knowledge of the OS internals, we can step in and help you to code for maximum portablity. In the past, we have designed and implemented the entire MAC layer of a cable modem, from the physical interface to the ethernet driver. We have also architected an 802.16 modem and portions of the headend. Below is a summary of our embedded skills.


  • Network Stacks
  • TCP/IP
  • SNMP
  • Security: BPI, DES, RSA
  • Application Layer
  • Driver Layer
  • PCI

Operating Systems:

  • VxWorks
  • pSOS
  • eCos
  • Nucleus
  • Linux


  • ARM
  • Xscale
  • x86
  • 68k/coldfire
  • MIPS
  • PIC/Scenix


  • Cable modems (DOCSIS 1.0 & 1.1)
  • 802.16 architecture
  • MAC Layer
  • Profiling tools
  • OS abstraction

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