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Memory NavoScope

This embedded tool locates many hard-to-find memory bugs easily and automatically. While running your code through its paces, you will be able to immediately see the cause of critical errors as well as detecting those that may cause problems down the road.


  • Full Memory Visibility -- You can see all memory heaps in the system. For a given heap you see when it was allocated, its address, its size, and how much of it has been used. You can sort heaps based on symbolic names, or addresses, or a host of other criteria.
  • You can view memory usage by function. You can also view usage for real-time constructs such as message boxes, semaphores, and so on.
  • High Customizability -- Your viewing options are very flexible. You can view all the data for all heaps. Or you can view it for just one heap. Or any combination thereof.
  • Intuitive Interface -- The visual representation all this information allows for quick human digestion of the facts, and affords greater understanding of what is going on in the target system. Plus, all options are available through intuitive pull-down menus. A novice with the NavoScope tools can be up and running -- and doing useful work -- in a matter of minutes.
  • Continuous Dynamic Update -- You can view the target's memory usage dynamically from the host, as the target runs.

Here are some things you can do with Memory NavoScope:

  • You can use this to catch memory leaks instantly.
  • You can use this to see which of your tasks is using how much memory, and tune your code accordingly. You can do the same for functions, semaphores, message boxes, shared memory and so on.
  • You can use this to determine how much memory your application really needs, so that you can balance your system requirements properly.


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