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PCI Monitor

PCI Monitor Log Screen Shot Help Screen Shot

The PCI Monitor allows you to debug PCI devices for bringup and driver development. You can list all matching devices by Vendor ID or device ID. Or you can step through them and lock the base address for I/O or memory space. Once you have selected the device, it is a simple matter to read and write the registers to test device functionality.


(All commands are either I/O or memory space and can be sized in bytes, shorts, or longs.)

  • List [vendor ID], [device ID]
    Lists all matching devices on the PCI bus.
  • Scan [vendor ID], [device ID]
    Scans through the matching devices one at a time.
  • Lock [base index]
    Sets the base address from the list of available addresses of the last scanned device.
  • Base <offset>
    Manually sets the base address to access PCI device.
    (Usually will use Scan and Lock to set the base address.)
  • Peek <offset>
    Reads the value of a register relative to the base.
  • Poke <offset>, <value>
    Writes to a register relative to the base.
  • Vpoke <offset>, <value>, <repetitions>
    Writes and verifies the value written with any number of repetitions.
  • Dump [offset], [length]
    Displays memory at the specified address.

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