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CPU NavoScope


  • Full Task/Function Visibility -- You can view the CPU usage for any task in the system, broken down by function. Or you can view the usage for any function in a given task. Or you can view usage by function, irregardless of which task called that function. And you can do this for as many tasks and as many functions, as you like.
  • High Customizability -- You can view, if you wish, the CPU usage for all the functions in all the tasks. Or you can view CPU usage at the high task level. Or you can home in on the task, or the function in a given task, that interests you. Or you can do this for multiple tasks. All options are provided in the pull-down menus.
  • Intuitive Interface -- The visual representation all this information allows for quick human digestion of the facts, and affords greater understanding of what is going on in the target system. Plus, all options are available through intuitive pull-down menus. A novice with the NavoScope tools can be up and running -- and doing useful work -- in a matter of minutes.
  • Continuous Dynamic Update -- You can view the target's CPU usage dynamically from the host, as the target runs.

Here are some things you can do with CPU NavoScope:

  • You can readily see which task, or what function, is using how much CPU. This way you can instantly zoom in on trouble spots in your code.
  • You can also view CPU usage by function, independently of what tasks call those functions.
  • Within a task you can normalize usage per function. This way you can readily see what functions are using how much of a given task's resources.
  • You can use these abilities to catch bugs, such as infinite loops, instantly.
  • You can use these abilities to understand which pieces of your code are critical, so that you may tune those pieces of code.
  • You can use this to calculate how much CPU power your code really needs, and thus get the cheapest possible CPU to do the job.


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