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Table of Contents
cyg_alarm Alarm operations
cyg_clock Clock operations
cyg_cond Condition variables
cyg_counter Counter operations
cyg_exception Kernel exception control
cyg_flag Flag operations
cyg_interrupt Interrupt control
cyg_mbox Mailbox control
cyg_mempool_fix Fixed sized memory allocation
cyg_mempool_var Variable sized memory allocation
cyg_mutex Mutex operations
cyg_scheduler Scheduler
cyg_semaphore Counting semaphores
cyg_thread Thread manipulation and creation

Function Index
cyg_alarm_create create an alarm
cyg_alarm_delete delete alarm
cyg_alarm_disable disable an alarm
cyg_alarm_enable re-enable an alarm
cyg_alarm_get_times get alarm times
cyg_alarm_initialize initialize (start) an alarm
cyg_clock_create create a clock
cyg_clock_delete delete a clock
cyg_clock_get_resolution get resolution of a clock
cyg_clock_set_resolution set clock resolution
cyg_clock_to_counter converts a clock to a counter
cyg_cond_broadcast wake all threads waiting on a condition variable
cyg_cond_destroy destroy (invalidate) a condition variable
cyg_cond_init initialize a condition variable
cyg_cond_signal wake one thread waiting on a condition variable
cyg_cond_timed_wait wake one thread on a condition variable with timeout
cyg_cond_wait wait on a condition variable
cyg_counter_create create a new counter
cyg_counter_current_value get current counter value
cyg_counter_delete delete a counter
cyg_counter_multi_tick advance a counter by multiple ticks
cyg_counter_set_value set the value of the counter
cyg_counter_tick increment a counter by a single tick
cyg_current_time get the current system time
cyg_exception_call_handler invoke an exception handler
cyg_exception_clear_handler remove an exception handler
cyg_exception_set_handler create a new exception handler
cyg_flag_destroy destroy (invalidate) a flag
cyg_flag_init initialize a flag for use
cyg_flag_maskbits clear conditions (bits) in a flag
cyg_flag_peek returns bits (conditions) currently set in a flag
cyg_flag_poll test for pattern match but do not block
cyg_flag_setbits set bits (conditions) in a flag
cyg_flag_timed_wait wait on a flag until timeout
cyg_flag_wait wait forever on a flag
cyg_flag_waiting check to see if threads wait on a given flag
cyg_interrupt_acknowledge acknowledge an interrupt
cyg_interrupt_attach attach an interrupt vector
cyg_interrupt_configure configure an interrupt
cyg_interrupt_create create an interrupt handler
cyg_interrupt_delete delete an interrupt handler
cyg_interrupt_detach detach an interrupt
cyg_interrupt_disable disable all interrupts
cyg_interrupt_enable re-enable interrupts
cyg_interrupt_get_cpu get CPU
cyg_interrupt_get_vsr get VSR pointer of an interrupt
cyg_interrupt_mask mask a single interrupt vector
cyg_interrupt_mask_intunsafe mask interrupt, not interrupt safe
cyg_interrupt_set_cpu set a CPU
cyg_interrupt_set_vsr set the VSR of an interrupt
cyg_interrupt_unmask unmask an interrupt
cyg_interrupt_unmask_intunsafe unmask an interrupt, interrupt unsafe
cyg_mbox_create create an mbox
cyg_mbox_delete delete an mbox
cyg_mbox_get get a pointer from an mbox
cyg_mbox_peek get number of messages in mbox
cyg_mbox_peek_item get a pointer from an mbox without removing it
cyg_mbox_put place a pointer in an mbox
cyg_mbox_timed_get get a pointer from an mbox with timeout
cyg_mbox_timed_put place a message into an mbox with timeout
cyg_mbox_tryget get a pointer from a mbox with no block
cyg_mbox_tryput place a message in an mbox with no blocking
cyg_mbox_waiting_to_get check to see if threads wait to read from an mbox
cyg_mbox_waiting_to_put check to see if thread waits to write to an mbox
cyg_mempool_fix_alloc allocate a fixed sized block of memory with no timeout
cyg_mempool_fix_create create a fixed sized memory pool
cyg_mempool_fix_delete delete a fixed sized memory pool
cyg_mempool_fix_free free a block of memory allocated from a fixed sized pool
cyg_mempool_fix_get_info get info on a fixed sized mempool
cyg_mempool_fix_timed_alloc allocate a fixed sized block of memory with timeout
cyg_mempool_fix_try_alloc allocate a fixed sized block of memory, don't block
cyg_mempool_fix_waiting check to see if threads are waiting to allocate
cyg_mempool_var_alloc allocate a variable size of memory with no timeout
cyg_mempool_var_create create a variable sized memory pool
cyg_mempool_var_delete delete a variable sized memory pool
cyg_mempool_var_free free a block of memory allocated from a variable sized pool
cyg_mempool_var_get_info get info on a variable sized mempool
cyg_mempool_var_timed_alloc allocate a variable size of memory with timeout
cyg_mempool_var_try_alloc allocate a variable size of memory, don't block
cyg_mempool_var_waiting check to see if threads are waiting to allocate
cyg_mutex_destroy destroy (invalidate) a mutex
cyg_mutex_init initialize a mutex
cyg_mutex_lock lock a mutex or wait to lock one
cyg_mutex_release release all threads waiting on a mutex
cyg_mutex_set_ceiling set ceiling priority of mutex
cyg_mutex_set_protocol set the protocol of a mutex
cyg_mutex_trylock attempt to lock a mutex
cyg_mutex_unlock unlocks a mutex
cyg_real_time_clock get the real time system clock
cyg_scheduler_lock lock scheduler
cyg_scheduler_read_lock read scheduler lock count
cyg_scheduler_safe_lock lock the scheduler if it's not already locked
cyg_scheduler_start start scheduler
cyg_scheduler_unlock unlock the scheduler
cyg_semaphore_destroy destroy (invalidate) a semaphore
cyg_semaphore_init initialize a counting semaphore
cyg_semaphore_peek get current semaphore count
cyg_semaphore_post increment semaphore count
cyg_semaphore_timed_wait wait on a semaphore with timeout
cyg_semaphore_trywait get a semaphore if available
cyg_semaphore_wait wait on a counting semaphore
cyg_thread_add_destructor add a destructor
cyg_thread_create create a new thread
cyg_thread_delay delay the calling thread for a number of ticks
cyg_thread_delete delete a thread
cyg_thread_exit exit a thread
cyg_thread_free_data_index free a data index for all threads
cyg_thread_get_current_priority get current priority of a thread
cyg_thread_get_data read per thread data from a given index
cyg_thread_get_data_ptr get a data pointer to per thread data
cyg_thread_get_priority get the priority of a thread
cyg_thread_get_stack_base get a thread's stack base address
cyg_thread_get_stack_size get a thread's stack size
cyg_thread_idle_thread get the idle thread's thread ID
cyg_thread_kill kill a thread
cyg_thread_measure_stack_usage get a thread's current stack usage
cyg_thread_new_data_index get a free data index for all threads
cyg_thread_release release a thread from a wait
cyg_thread_rem_destructor remove (disable) a destructor
cyg_thread_resume resume a suspended thread
cyg_thread_self get calling thread's thread ID
cyg_thread_set_data set per thread data at a given index
cyg_thread_set_priority set the priority of a thread
cyg_thread_suspend suspend a thread
cyg_thread_yield yield the thread to another thread of equal priority